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    Covid 19 – Update

    Everyone should be aware of the risk factors for getting COVID-19: • Distance...

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    Concert - Billy Kennedy and Special Guests

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  • Aug 19 2016

    Redhead Convention 2016

    00:00 Crosshaven, Co. Cork, Ireland

    A festival of ginger loving madness and a celebration of all things to do with having fabulous red hair! Crosshaven, County Cork, Ireland. 21 – 23 August 2015.

    The Redhead Convention is the brainchild of redhead brother and sister, Joleen and Denis Cronin and will take place for the sixth year running in the beautiful sailing village of Crosshaven in County Cork. It started as a joke in the siblings family pub and succeeded to becoming a gathering of extraordinary uniqueness, attracting hundreds of redheads from all over Ireland and the world.

    The festival is run by a dynamic voluntary team and about 50 volunteers co-ordinate the weekend’s activities.

    As fair skinned, freckled beauties, we are also fundraising and raising awareness for our charity partners, the Irish Cancer Society who provide cancer care, support and fund cancer research throughout the country. Throughout the weekend, we will be focusing on their “Sun Smart” campaign which raises awareness around melanoma and skin cancer. Remember redheads, always cover up in the sun and always wear sun screen. To date, the Irish Redhead Convention have raised over €20,000 for the national charity.

    Red hair is the rarest of hair colours, and accounts for only 0.6% of the worlds population. The highest percentage of natural redheads in the world live in Scotland at 13% with Ireland reigning in close behind at 10%.

    So if you love your red hair and want a chance to discover your natural hair-itage, join us and hundreds of other natural redheads from all around the world, for the Irish Redhead Convention.

    We can’t wait to see you

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